AVANTI Infra Advisory LLP was started in 2010, with a vision of helping entrepreneurs who are passionate about growth and who are in need of strategic and financial consulting for convert their dream ventures into successful corporate entities.

While AVANTI initially focused on the entrepreneurs in Infrastructure sector, soon it was evident that strategic and financial consulting is a need of all entrepreneurs not just in infrastructure sector focused SMEs, but in all sectors including manufacturing and services SMEs.

AVANTI Infra Advisory LLP has now set its course on building a consultancy organization around the theme of “Converting Entrepreneurial Passion into Business Value”. Entire focus is to help the SME entrepreneurs to realize the growth potential of their ventures and to assist them with all such activities be it Strategic Consulting (Hyperlink), Financial Consulting (Hyperlink), Transaction Advisory(Hyperlink).

AVANTI will be a partner in progress for all those passionate entrepreneurs who have realized the need of strategic and financial advisor to complement their own skills and business acumen. Our association with our clients lasts for minimum period of one complete growth cycle of around 4-5 years.

Presently our team is consisting of 8 professionals with the core team of 3 professionally qualified persons (CAs / ICWAs / MBA) plus other team members. Our all clients are SMEs, whom we like to refer to as ‘Emerging Corporates’, mostly in the annual turnover range of Rs.50-200 cr. All these clients are entrepreneur-founded companies who have grown to their present size mainly on the basis of individual capabilities of their founders. Now these companies are at the crossroads, where they are facing the challenge of transforming themselves into process driven professionally managed companies.

Our firm is assisting these clients mainly in following areas:-

  • to implement the strategic planning process and create the roadmap of future growth
  • to develop the financial and business control function in their organization
  • to raise the funds to finance the future growth

We are confident that our success stories will provide us with more energy to move towards our vision of transforming the SME sector of India from a family / owner driven SMEs into Corporate Institutions, which will create value for all stakeholders including the Nation.