Customized solutions based on Standard Frameworks

We work with various organizations at different stages in their life cycle and facing varied situations. This helps us to gather experience to enrich the process and the structure of planning to analyze and understand the intricate situations faced by your organization. As outside consultant, AVANTI brings a tested framework for strategic planning, validated across a wide range of industries so its application in the current case is purposefully and knowledgeably designed.

Outside-in perspective of an Expert on the Organization

As an outside consultant, we are a vantage position to observe and analyze your organization. This gives us the ability to ask probing questions and risk touching nerves to identify the actual pain points for focused treatment.The most important information, which AVANTI delivers, is objective assessment of what is not working in your organization, given the key outcomes.

Ability to conduct unbiased discussions on difficult issues

As an outside consultant, we have the unique ability to call it like it is and we are paid well to do it as our role. We have the ability to openly discuss findings with the client’s management and / or executive team that sometimes reveal individual or group weaknesses. For us, it never easy to deliver bad news, but we have to do it to make painful changes, which are ultimately beneficial for the Client. When we observe a difficulty in client organization, we believe it is our duty and obligation to share it with the client along with our recommendations of corrective measures.

As an outsider, AVANTI is best placed to review and monitor

Bridging the gap between strategy and execution is in important part of our role. Plan execution cannot happen without monitoring. Desired corporate governance practices require company Boards to consist of Independent Directors for the purpose of monitoring by outside experts. As many of our potential clients in SME find it difficult to strengthen their Boards, AVANTI fulfills the role of outside expert review for the benefit of client organization.

A network of trusted services providers

While pursuing a growth strategy many SME clients face challenges in sourcing service providers who are competent and willing to work for their needs. Most of our potential clients would have noticed that the consultants who are competent are not willing to work with SMEs, at the fees, which SMEs can afford. With its network of trustworthy service providers, AVANTI can help you to overcome this challenge, if you desire to seek our help in this area as well.